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Periodic Dosage of Xah

xah lee
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Hell-o my worldly comrades,

My name is Xah Lee, and this is my LiveJournal presence.

Y'know, in modern life, one has to keep a lot of presences. I have, for instance, the social network orkut.com presence starting about 2004-01, then i had to had multiply.com presence sometimes in 2005 just to see what a blog site is about, then i have other social networking sites presences dotnode.com and linkedin.com. And, of course have my yahoo.com presence with its chat and multitudes of online forums, and i have no doubt about 4 chat accounts of various make, such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, and irc and google talk. Of course in terms of email accounts i'm also a elite and were quick to have a gmail presence. In terms of usage, not counting the IMs, i'm rather most proud of my wikipedia.org presence. But another presence, is that i have my own website since 1996, and since 2000-01 have my own XahLee.org domain presence. In light of the gravity and seriousness of judgement and thru evaluation according to my own considerations as well as the general public, and in terms of the information content and its quality and quantity, the one presence of them all that overshadows them all is of course XahLee.org, of which, you can find my work, my travelog weblog and diaries, my creeds, personal photos, and short bio, plus over 1200 pages of original writings on math, computing, literature, ethnology and ethology essays, and i hope can be a mind-boggling experience.

So, you see, my name is Xah Lee, and this is my LiveJournal presence.

I'm here to make acquaintances and friends, fuckmates and lovers. I have so many online presences that i don't really use one as diary except my website. Now and then i'll have a LiveJournal entry, and mainly i enjoy seeing other people's diaries in particular the unusual individuals. Often times the online relationship is shallow, but it does help broaden the scope of people you really like to know, and the chances of knowing them.

Feel free to add me to your friend list or chat to me. May we fall in love, one way or another.

with Knowledge and Love,